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November 29, 2023
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Does Mexico have a digital Nomad Visa?

Not specifically. While some countries have recognized the growing trend of remote work and have introduced visas tailored specifically for digital nomads, such as Estonia's e-Residency program or Portugal's D7 visa, Mexico has not yet followed suit.

That being said, this does not mean that it is impossible for digital nomads to live and work in Mexico legally. Instead of applying for a digital nomad visa, you can apply for a Temporary Resident visa. This type of visa allows individuals to stay in Mexico for up to four years and enables them to carry out any lawful activities they wish – including remote work.

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Introduction to the Temporary Visa for Mexico

A Temporary Resident Visa is a document issued by the Mexican government that allows foreigners to stay in the country legally for up to four years. This type of visa is ideal if you want to live in Mexico longer than 180 days but less than four years. A temporary resident visa gives you full-time legal residence status within the country during your stay.

Importance of Temporary Resident Visa in Mexico

Having a Temporary Resident Visa is essential as it enables you to enjoy several benefits and opportunities while living in Mexico. It gives you legal status, which means that you can open bank accounts, sign contracts and purchase property without any issues. Landlords like to see this, check out or guide to renting in Mexico.

Requirements for Obtaining a Temporary Resident Visa

There are several requirements that applicants must meet in order to obtain a Temporary Resident Visa in Mexico. These requirements include possessing a valid passport and other identification documents, such as a birth certificate or driver's license.

Applicants must also provide proof of financial stability and income generation capacity, which can be demonstrated through bank statements, tax returns, or other financial documents. 

At the time of writing, you must prove that you have a stable source of income and earn at least $1,620 USD per month. This will fluctuate since it is tied to the average daily income of Mexican wages and not a solid figure.

Additionally, applicants must have valid health insurance coverage and provide a criminal record clearance certificate.

Application Process for a Temporary Resident Visa

The application process for obtaining a Temporary Resident Visa in Mexico involves several steps. Firstly, you must file an application at the Mexican embassy or consulate in your home country. This application should include all the necessary documentation required by immigration authorities.

The required documentation may vary depending on the type of visa applied for but typically includes identification documents and proof of financial stability. Once the application is submitted, there is typically a timeline for processing the application that varies from consulate to consulate.

Once approved, your payment to the Mexican consulate is only part of the payment. Upon entry into Mexico you will have 30 days from arrival to set up an appointment with Mexican Immigration to finalize your payment and the visa. Cash will be needed for payment at both facilities.

Renewal and Extension of a Temporary Resident Visa

If an individual wishes to continue staying in Mexico after their temporary resident visa has expired, they will need to either renew or extend their visa status. The renewal process requires submitting updated documentation proving continued eligibility to remain in Mexico as well as payment of any applicable fees. The extension process involves submitting an extension request prior to visa expiration date along with supporting documentation and payment of any applicable fees.

Benefits of Having a Temporary Resident Visa in Mexico

Holding a temporary resident visa has numerous benefits while staying in Mexico including being able to work legally within the country allowing access to public healthcare services available throughout the country as well as eligibility for permanent residency status.

Benefits of as a Nomad

Working as a digital nomad in Mexico comes with a plethora of benefits that make it an ideal destination for remote workers. Nomads can pay as low as 0% to 30% depending on their income and job type. 

Moreover, you have several visa options, such as the tourist visa or the temporary and permanent residence visas, which offer you the chance to stay in Mexico indefinitely.

Aside from the practical benefits, Mexico also offers a wonderful quality of life. With an average temperature of 24℃, you can enjoy sunny skies most the year round, making it an ideal location for a relaxed lifestyle. 

A big draw is that the cost of living in Mexico is low, and you can find budget-friendly accommodation options easily. The country has a rich history and diverse culture, providing endless opportunities for exploration and learning. 

Not only will you find ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins mixed with colonial Spanish architecture, but you will also experience the warmth and hospitality of the Mexican locals.

With so many advantages and an excellent digital nomad visa system, Mexico is one of the best places to consider as a remote worker. We've put together a list of the best places here.


While there isn’t a proper digital nomad visa for Mexico, a temporary resident visa opens up numerous opportunities while living in Mexico, from being able to work legally to having access to public healthcare options. It is a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay over six months legally in Mexico.

You can apply for the Mexican Temporary Resident Visa here.


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