The Best Places to Work Remotely in Mexico for Digital Nomads

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November 29, 2023
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Are you looking to escape the confines of your home office? Mexico may just be the perfect place for you! With its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and affordable cost of living, it's no wonder that more and more people are choosing to work remotely in this beautiful country.

Where should you be a digital nomad in Mexico?

While big cities like Mexico City and Guadalajara offer plenty of opportunities for online work, they can also be overwhelming and crowded. That's why we've gathered a list of the different parts of Mexico to find the best places for nomads to work remotely from – whether you're looking for a quiet beach town or a bustling city with all the amenities. Here's our top list of cities in Mexico for digital nomads and remote workers.

Want to learn more about Mexico? Check out our comprehensive Mexico country guide for all the insider information! For information on staying longer than 180 days, read up on the Mexican temporary visa (aka digital nomad visa).

Oaxaca City

A popular digital nomad spot, this vibrant colonial city offers a mix of traditional culture and modern amenities. With abundant short-term and long-term accommodation options, great coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, Oaxaca City is a top choice for digital nomads.

In addition to its bustling city center, Oaxaca also boasts natural beauty with its surrounding mountains and countryside. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking and mountain biking trails, while foodies can indulge in the vibrant culinary scene which includes Oaxacan specialties such as mole and mezcal.

The city also hosts a variety of cultural events throughout the year, including the famous Guelaguetza festival which showcases traditional music and dance. With its perfect blend of culture, nature, and amenities, Oaxaca City is a gem in Mexico's southern region and a must-visit for any digital nomad.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a great option for those that love the beach. Known for its world-class waves and laid-back lifestyle, this beach town offers a slower pace of life perfect for remote work. With stunning sunsets, charming cobblestone streets, and delicious Mexican cuisine, Puerto Vallarta also boasts a vibrant culture full of art, music, and festivals.

Whether you want to explore the jungle on a zip line, go whale watching, or just relax on the beach, this city has something for everyone. And for digital nomads, there are plenty of coworking spaces and cafes to work from while enjoying the picturesque views. So, if you're looking for a beach town with a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and culture, Puerto Vallarta is the place to be.

Mexico City

As the bustling capital city, Mexico City offers a vibrant atmosphere for those that can work remotely from Mexico. There are so many barrios and scenes to vibe with. With a thriving culture scene, great food, and a large expat community, this city is a perfect choice for those who love the city life.

Additionally, Mexico City is well-equipped with reliable internet and the coworking scene is growing rapidly, making it an ideal destination for digital nomads and freelancers. The cost of living is relatively affordable, especially when compared to other major cities around the world, making it easy to maintain a comfortable lifestyle while working remotely.

From trendy coffee shops to Wework and other co-working facilities, there are plenty of spots to work from in the second largest city in the world. The city's rich history and architecture also make it a great place to explore during leisure time, further adding to the appeal for nomads.

San Miguel de Allende

Known for its charming colonial architecture and cultural festivals, San Miguel de Allende offers a peaceful and inspiring environment for remote work. With plenty of cafes and coworking spaces, this town is perfect for creative professionals.

San Miguel features a large expat community and is a mecca for artists. The city of San Miguel boasts a sizable expatriate population, making it an ideal destination for foreigners looking to settle down in Mexico.

Along with its welcoming atmosphere, San Miguel is also a hub for emerging and established artists. The city's quaint streets and colorful buildings provide a picturesque backdrop for galleries and studios, and there are numerous art festivals held throughout the year.

Playa del Carmen

With its beautiful beaches and relaxed lifestyle, Playa del Carmen is perfect for those who seek a balance of work and play. With plenty of coworking spaces and cafes, this town offers all the amenities needed for remote work. In addition, Playa del Carmen boasts a vibrant nightlife scene and is located close to popular tourist destinations such as Tulum and Cancun.

Outdoor enthusiasts will also appreciate the opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and exploring the nearby jungles. The town has a mix of Mexican and international cuisine, offering a variety of dining options. Overall, Playa del Carmen is a great destination for digital nomads and travelers alike who are looking for a laid-back lifestyle with ample opportunities for adventure and exploration.


This charming colonial city offers a mix of traditional culture and modern amenities. With a low cost of living and plenty of short-term and long-term accommodation options, Merida is a popular destination for remote workers.

The city boasts beautiful architecture, including stunning churches, historical monuments, and colorful buildings. Merida is also known for its vibrant cultural scene, with plenty of museums, art galleries, and music festivals. The delicious local cuisine, which blends Mayan, Spanish, and Caribbean flavors, is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Additionally, Merida is located in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, making it an ideal base for exploring nearby attractions, such as ancient Mayan ruins, natural cenotes, and picturesque beaches. The city also has reliable public transportation, as well as a bike-sharing program, making it easy to get around without a car.

Overall, Merida offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern convenience. It's no wonder why so many digital nomads choose to call this beautiful city home.


With a thriving tech industry and a large expat community, Guadalajara is a popular destination for remote workers. With a vibrant culture scene, great food, and plenty of coworking spaces, this city offers all the amenities needed for remote work.

With more than 4 WeWork buildings and great wifi, Guadalajara has so much to offer nomads.  In addition, the city is renowned for its rich culture and vibrant nightlife, making it an ideal destination for those who love to explore new places and connect with like-minded individuals.

From its stunning architecture and historic landmarks to its delicious cuisine and friendly locals, Guadalajara is a true gem of Mexico. Whether you're a digital nomad or simply looking for an exciting getaway, this city really does have plenty to offer.


Known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, Cancun is a popular destination for tourists and remote workers alike. With plenty of co-working spaces and cafes, this town offers an inspiring environment for remote work. In addition to its beautiful beaches, Cancun also has a vibrant nightlife scene and a rich culture to explore.

Here you can immerse yourself in local Mayan history by visiting the nearby ruins of Tulum or Chichen Itza. You can also indulge in delicious Caribbean Mexican cuisine and shop for souvenirs at the various markets and malls around town.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Cancun has the perfect climate for water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, and paddle-boarding. The region is also known for its impressive golf courses and hiking trails.

Overall, Cancun provides a balance of work and play, making it an ideal destination for nomads seeking both productivity and relaxation.

La Paz

This hidden gem on the Baja California Sur peninsula offers a mix of natural beauty and modern amenities. With plenty of co-working spaces and cafes, La Paz is perfect for those looking to work in peaceful and inspiring environment.

In conclusion, Mexico offers a variety of destinations perfect for remote work. Whether you seek a beach town or a bustling city, there is a destination for everyone. So, pack your bags and head to Mexico for an inspiring and productive remote work experience!

Best Cities for Digital Nomads

In conclusion, there are no shortage of options for living and working remotely in Mexico. I would say my top pick for digital nomad cities would be Mexico City. There's just so much to do and it is one of the best cities when it comes to connectivity for expats and remote workers.

You can learn more about WiFi availability and where Mexico ranks in the world of connectivity here. If you already have a place in mind or have fallen in love at first sight, check out our article on renting as a foreigner in Mexico.


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