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Lake Chapala Farmers' Market

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Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Lake Chapala Farmers' Market, offering diverse local products.

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Total Body Care Spa

Treat yourself to wellness at Total Body Care Spa, where you can enjoy quality massage and relaxation.

Barbara's Bazaar

Step into the past at Barbara's Bazaar, where you can find unique treasures and nostalgic items.

Plus Adventure

Embark on exciting adventures with Plus Adventure, offering guided tours and thrilling experiences.

Lake Chapala Farmers' Market

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Lake Chapala Farmers' Market, offering diverse local products.


Rejuvenate your senses at Panache, a health club and spa offering various relaxation treatments.

Fiaga Boutique

Discover fashionable items at Fiaga Boutique, a shop with unique designs and stylish options.

Lake Chapala Golf Carts

Roam around Ajijic with ease on Lake Chapala Golf Carts, an efficient and fun mode of transportation.

Ana Romo Art Gallery

Explore Ana Romo Art Gallery to discover unique artistic expressions and creations.

Diane Pearl Collecions

Shop for unique and eclectic finds at Diane Pearl Collecions, a specialty gift shop.

Calli Intramuros

Immerse yourself in culture at Calli Intramuros, an art gallery showcasing local and regional talents.

Galeria Di Paola

Explore the artistry at Galeria Di Paola, a gallery featuring a diverse collection of creative works.

Cruz Azul Soccer Field

Experience soccer excitement at Cruz Azul Soccer Field, where sports enthusiasts gather for matches.

Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops

Unleash your creativity at Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops, where you can learn art techniques.

Casa tequila bonanza bar

Indulge in tequila delights at Casa tequila bonanza bar, offering a variety of margaritas and drinks.

Malecón de Ajijic

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along Malecón de Ajijic, a picturesque lakeside promenade with stunning views.

Kiosco de Ajijic

Relax at Kiosco de Ajijic, a central gathering spot perfect for unwinding and people-watching.

Parroquia de San Andrés Apostol

Explore the cultural significance of Parroquia de San Andrés Apostol, a charming church with rich history.
Art Museums

Ajijic Museo De Arte

Immerse yourself in local art at Ajijic Museo De Arte, showcasing the talents of resident artists.

Ajijic Cemetery

Experience the unique observance of Day of the Dead at Ajijic Cemetery, a place of vibrant traditions.
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