Religious Sites in Qatar

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November 29, 2023
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Qatar, a small but diverse country on the Arabian Peninsula, gives importance to cultures and religions, as evident from its multiculturalism. It is home to various communities, including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism.

Religion holds great significance in Qatar, shaping its culture and identity. Islam is the official religion, but other faiths are respected with dedicated places of worship. These religious sites offer serenity and also showcase Qatar's diversity, attracting tourists interested in different beliefs. They symbolize unity among people with varying faiths, a valuable lesson for all.

Islamic Sites in Qatar

Qatar is an Islamic country. It has many beautiful and significant Islamic religious sites. Islam plays an important role in the daily lives of the Qatari people, and visitors to the country can witness this firsthand by visiting some of its famous Mosques.

Discover the rich culture and history of Qatar in our in-depth Qatar country guide.

An Overview of Islam in Qatar

Qatar is mainly a Muslim country with Islam as its state religion. It follows the Salafi version of Sunni Islam, similar to Saudi Arabia. More than 70% of Qatar's population practices Islam, mostly Sunni and Wahabi, with a small Shia minority. Islam has a significant impact on daily life and society in Qatar.

Here are some of the most important Mosques of Qatar, where Muslims offer daily prayers, learn the Quran, offer eid taraweeh and  prayers.

The Grand Mosque in Doha

The Grand Mosque

The original Grand Mosque was built by Qatar's founder, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, in memory of his father. He constructed it when he returned from a military campaign in Zubara, in the memory of his father.

In 2011, the Grand Mosque (Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque) was refurbished and opened to the public by His Highness Father Amir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani. This mosque includes a prayer area for women, a library, and two halls for Quran memorization, one for men and one for women. The Grand Mosque spans 175,164 square meters and can accommodate around 11,000 men in its central prayer hall, and approximately 1,200 women in a dedicated area.

Fanar Mosque at night, near Souq Waqif

Fanar Mosque Qatar 

The beautiful Fanar mosque is visible from the Doha Corniche. It is located in the center of Doha, just beside Souq Waqif. It is a renowned Islamic center and a Mosque. It's known for its stunning architecture and serves as a hub for religious and cultural activities. 

The aim is to promote true knowledge about Islam. The mosque is a significant landmark in Doha, welcoming both worshippers and visitors to learn about the Islamic faith and heritage.

Katara Mosque, known as Blue Mosque

Katara Mosque (Masjid Al-Katara)

The Katara Mosque is in Katara Cultural Village, known for showcasing Global Islamic Art. The exterior of the mosque is a blend of traditional Islamic and modern styles, with white domes, minarets, and intricate designs. Visitors can enjoy its beauty and explore cultural attractions in Katara Cultural Village.

Award wining design, the Education City Mosque

The Education City Mosque 

One of the prominent religious sites in Qatar because of its unique architecture. It's part of the Minaret in the building, which has five columns symbolizing the five pillars of Islam. It's located at the Education City campus, near Qatar National Library. It also hosts events to teach about the Islam.

Overview of Christianity in Qatar

While Islam is the dominant religion in Qatar, there is still a small but thriving Christian community. The majority of Christians in Qatar are expatriates, from countries like the Philippines, India, and Egypt. Christianity is practiced freely in Qatar, with churches being allowed to operate under certain conditions. While there aren't as many Christian sites in Qatar compared to Islamic ones, they are still significant for the local Christian community.

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

It's a significant Christian site in Qatar, catering to the Catholic community. The cathedral holds masses and gives services during the week, with space for up to 2,700 worshippers.

Anglican Church of the Epiphany

Founded in 1975, the Anglican Church of the Epiphany on Salwa Road is a significant Christian site in Qatar. It serves Anglicans in the country. The church has Friday morning services and hosts various programs throughout the year.

The Mar Thoma Church

The Mar Thoma Church is important for Christians in Qatar, created by Indian Christians from Kerala who came to Doha for work. It offers Sunday services and other activities for its members. 

These Christian sites provide a comforting place for worshippers to freely practice their faith, even when far from their home countries.

Overview of Hinduism in Qatar

Hinduism focuses on self-realization and spiritual growth through practices like puja, yoga, and meditation. The Hindus in Qatar are mostly from India and Nepal. They observe festivals like Diwali, Holi, and Navratri. Hindus in Qatar live a good quality of life. Also, they can enjoy their culture and festivals in Qatar in a dedicated place without any problem.

Overview of Sikhism in Qatar

Sikhism began in India's Punjab region in the 15th century. It's a monotheistic faith centered on one all-pervading God. Sikhs value selfless service, equality, and social justice. Qatar has a small population of Sikh community mainly from India.

Gurudwara Sahib Doha is one of the only sites for Sikhs in Qatar. The site has traditional Sikh design and is clean and well-kept, with beautiful art and murals. If you visit, you will be requested to dress modestly and remove your shoes.


The Beauty of Diversity

Qatar takes pride in the diversity of its religious sites. The country hosts various religions. This diversity contributes to cultural richness, and it's beautiful to witness people from different faiths coming together in harmony.

The Importance of Religious Sites

Religious sites in Qatar are not only places of worship but also significant landmarks that offer insight into the country's history and cultural heritage. They provide a glimpse into the past and serve as a reminder of what makes Qatar unique.

A Unified Community

Visitors to Qatar's religious sites seek peace and comfort in their faith, showcasing the beauty of diverse coexistence. These places symbolize unity and diversity, allowing people to explore various cultures and respect each other's religion.

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