Guide to Aguascalientes Airport

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April 22, 2024
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Welcome to our guide to Aguascalientes Airport! If you're planning a trip to this little vibrant city in central Mexico, you're in for a treat.

Aguascalientes Airport, officially known as Licenciado Jesús Terán Peredo International Airport, is the main gateway for travelers visiting the region. Whether you're coming for business or pleasure, this guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to navigate through this bustling airport smoothly.

Brief History and Significance of the Airport

Aguascalientes Airport has a rich history that dates back over half a century. It was inaugurated in 1969 and has been serving the city ever since. Over the years, it has witnessed significant growth and modernization, keeping up with the increasing demand for air travel.

As one of Mexico's busiest regional airports, Aguascalientes plays a crucial role in connecting people from all over the world to this culturally vibrant city. It serves as a hub for both domestic and international flights, making it an important transit point within Mexico and beyond.1

Location and Accessibility

Aguascalientes Airport is conveniently located just 24 kilometers (15 miles) south of downtown Aguascalientes. Its strategic position makes it easily accessible from various parts of the city.

If you're arriving by car or taking a taxi, reaching the airport is effortless due to well-connected roadways. The journey typically takes around 20-30 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

In addition to road transport, there are also public transportation options available. Local buses and shuttles operate regular services between downtown Aguascalientes and the airport at affordable prices. We’re talking under a $1 USD to ride.

Overall, getting to and from the airport is a breeze, and that gives you a seamless travel experience.

Get to know more about this little gem in central Mexico, we've covered all the best rated places to stay and must-see attractions in our Aguascalientes city guide.

Getting to Aguascalientes Airport

Taxis and Uber Services: Arrive in style

When it comes to reaching Aguascalientes Airport, taxis and rideshare services are convenient options that ensure a hassle-free journey. You could opt for an Uber or have your accommodation call you a taxi. Generally the prices will be about the same and they can get a quote for you before you commit.

Alternatively, rideshare services like Uber have gained popularity in recent years, offering ease of booking and competitive prices. With just a few taps on your phone, a comfortable ride will be on its way to pick you up and take you directly to the airport.

Public Buses and Shuttles: Budget-friendly travel

If you’re seeking more economical transportation options, public buses and shuttles are readily available for a straightforward journey from the city center to Aguascalientes Airport. Buses provide an excellent way to experience the local culture while getting from point A to point B. Look for bus stops near popular landmarks or inquire with locals about bus routes that lead directly to the airport terminal.

If you are staying at a hotel with shuttles, you may inquire about their services. These shuttles typically operate on fixed schedules throughout the day, catering specifically to passengers traveling to or from Aguascalientes Airport. 

No matter which option you choose - taxis, rideshares, public buses or shuttles - getting to Aguascalientes Airport is a breeze with multiple convenient and accessible choices available. 

Facilities at Aguascalientes Airport

Terminal layout and design

When you step into Aguascalientes Airport, you'll immediately notice its modern and sleek terminal design. The airport has a single passenger terminal that is well-organized and easy to navigate. With wide corridors and ample seating areas, you won't feel cramped or overwhelmed.

The terminal is divided into different sections to cater to both domestic and international flights, making it convenient for travelers from various destinations. The signage throughout the airport is clear and informative, ensuring that you won't get lost in the hustle and bustle.

Check-in process and security measures

Checking in at Aguascalientes Airport is a breeze, thanks to their efficient processes. Upon entering the terminal, you'll find numerous check-in counters where you’ll get your  boarding pass and luggage tags. The lines move swiftly, ensuring minimal waiting time. 

As for security measures, you will need to go through a security checkpoint but since it’s a relatively small airport the wait times are generally short.

Baggage claim area and services

Once you land at Aguascalientes Airport, retrieving your luggage is quick and hassle-free. After passing through immigration control (if applicable), head towards the baggage claim area conveniently located near the arrival gates.

Look out for electronic display screens indicating your flight's carousel number so that you can easily locate where your baggage will arrive. There are only a couple of baggage claim stalls so it should be easy to locate.

At Aguascalientes Airport, they understand that travel can be tiring, so they offer convenient services such as luggage carts available free of charge throughout the terminal building. 

Aguascalientes Airport ensures a seamless and pleasant experience for travelers by providing well-designed terminal facilities, efficient check-in processes, easy security measures, and hassle-free baggage claim services. With their commitment to passenger convenience and comfort, you can expect a stress-free journey from start to finish.

Airlines and Destinations served by Aguascalientes Airport

Major airlines operating at the airport

When it comes to flying in and out of Aguascalientes Airport, you'll find a large selection of well-known airlines. The major airlines serving this airport include Aeroméxico, Volaris, United, American Airlines.

These airlines have established themselves as reliable carriers, offering comfortable flights and excellent customer service. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you can trust these reputable companies to provide a pleasant journey.

Flight options within Mexico

Aguascalientes Airport is well-connected domestically, offering an array of flight options within Mexico. If you're looking to explore other cool cities in the country, you can easily book flights to popular destinations like Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Cancún, and Tijuana. 

Whether you want to experience the bustling capital or relax on the beaches of Cancún, Aguascalientes Airport has got you covered with convenient connections throughout Mexico.

International destinations served

In addition to domestic flights, Aguascalientes Airport also provides international travel opportunities. Currently, you can connect from Aguascalientes directly to Houston and Dallas in the United States.

This opens up many possibilities for connecting worldwide destinations with American carriers. It also allows the city to be more internationally connected as well.

Options at Aguascalientes Airport

Overview of shops and retail outlets available

Unfortunately there are slim options when it comes to eating and drinking at the airport. There is one restaurant and one coffee shop available. There are a couple of shops to do some shopping and pick up some last minute souvenirs.


There are a couple of ATMs available for you to take some cash out if needed. Just remember to decline the conversion when offered by the banking institution, otherwise you will be paying an extra 6-11% on your transaction.


Lounges Available at Aguascalientes

When it comes to getting away from the main terminal and having a place to rest and relax, nothing beats a lounge. Luckily there is one operated in Terminal 1 by VIP Lounge. You can pay at the door for entry (if available) or have automatic access as a member of Priority Pass.

The lounge isn’t the largest but it does include the following:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Beverages (alcohol & non-­alcoholic)
  • Disabled Access
  • Flight Information Monitor
  • Snacks and Treats
  • Television
  • WiFi

There are no showers or sleeping areas available. 

To get easy access to the lounge without paying for a day-pass, I would suggest using Priority Pass. I have had great experiences with their card and quick access to various lounges I normally would not be able to access. There passes come with flexible pricing depending on your needs, you can learn more about Priority Pass subscriptions here.

How long is the lounge at AGU open?

The hours of the VIP Lounge in Aguascalientes Airport are from 5 am to 10:30 pm.

Transportation Connections from Aguascalientes Airport

Rental Car Services Available

If you prefer the convenience and flexibility of having your own wheels, Aguascalientes Airport has several rental car services at your disposal. Upon arrival, you'll find well-known companies like Thrifty, Europacar, Avis, and Budget conveniently located within the airport terminal.

With a valid driver's license and a credit card, you can easily rent a vehicle to explore the beautiful region of Aguascalientes. As long as it is in English or Spanish, otherwise you will need an International Driver’s License.

Whether you're planning to visit historical sites or venture into the scenic countryside, having a rental car gives you the freedom to create your own itinerary and travel at your own pace.

Public Transportation Options 

If you’re  looking for more economical transportation options or do not prefer to drive, there are public transportation options available from Aguascalientes Airport. 

The most popular choice is taking a taxi or Uber from the airport, where efficient and reliable drivers can take you directly to your accommodation within the city or even beyond. 

Additionally, public buses and shuttles provide affordable connections to nearby cities or attractions. Just make sure to check schedules in advance and plan accordingly for any connections or transfers required.

With these various transportation options available, getting around after arriving at Aguascalientes Airport is convenient and fairly hassle-free. Whether you choose to rent a car for added flexibility or decide to go with public transportation, rest assured that there are suitable choices for every traveler's preferences.

Tips for a Smooth Experience at Aguascalientes Airport

Packing Guidelines: Travel Smart to Avoid Hassles

When it comes to packing for your journey from Aguascalientes Airport, being prepared and adhering to certain guidelines can save you from unnecessary headaches.

Remember that sharp objects, flammable materials, and certain liquids exceeding the allowed quantity are prohibited in both carry-on and checked baggage. Lithium batteries must be placed in your carry-on (such as drone, computer, or camera chargers and accessories).

Ensure that all your liquids are securely packed in a clear, quart-sized bag, adhering to the maximum volume limit per container. It's also wise to label your luggage with contact information both inside and outside the bags for easy identification.

Security Procedures: Navigating with Ease

Air travel security is crucial not only for your safety but also for maintaining a smooth flow of operations at Aguascalientes Airport. Pay close attention to security procedures to avoid delays and ensure a hassle-free experience. Think about wearing slip-on shoes as they are convenient during security checks where you'll be required to remove them temporarily.

Be ready to present valid identification such as your passport (along with boarding pass) when requested by airport staff or security personnel. Additionally, remember that laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices must be removed from your bags during screening.

Recommended Arrival Time at AGU

To alleviate any potential stress caused by time constraints or unexpected situations before departure from Aguascalientes Airport, you should plan on arriving well in advance of your scheduled flight time. 

Generally, arriving at least two hours ahead of flights allows ample time for check-in procedures and security screenings. For international flights, you have to check in within an hour of departure or you will be denied entry.

By allocating this extra time, you can breeze through check-in lines without rushing or worrying about missing your flight. 

By following packing guidelines, understanding security procedures, and arriving with plenty of time to spare, you'll set yourself up for an effortless journey from start to finish.

Fun Facts about Aguascalientes Airport

Notable figures 

Aguascalientes Airport, also known as Licenciado Jesús Terán Peredo International Airport, has witnessed numerous historical events and welcomed notable figures over the years. One such event was the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1990, when he traveled to Aguascalientes to celebrate Mass at the iconic Plaza de Toros bullring.

The airport played a crucial role in facilitating his arrival, with thousands of people gathered to catch a glimpse of His Holiness. 2

Additionally, several renowned musicians and artists have passed through this airport on their way to perform at the famous Feria Nacional de San Marcos, an annual festival held in Aguascalientes that attracts visitors from all over Mexico and beyond.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Aguascalientes Airport

Beyond its functionality, Aguascalientes Airport serves as a gateway to the enchanting region of Aguascalientes itself. As you step off the plane and into this vibrant state in central Mexico, you'll find yourself surrounded by rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural beauty. 

From exploring the charming historic center with its colonial architecture and vibrant markets to enjoying the wonders of nearby nature reserves like Sierra Fría or Los Túneles de Valladolid, there is no shortage of incredible experiences awaiting you..

Whether you are visiting Aguascalientes for business or pleasure, traveling to and from AGU Airport should be relatively hassle-free. Due to its small size and close proximity to the city it will be easy to navigate and get to your final destination. So pack your bags, indulge in local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the magic that the region has to offer.

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